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2020 is a special and tremendous year to everyone

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10 Health Benefits of Whiskey

Avoid Weight Gain — Whiskey is a low-calorie alcohol, especially when compared to the many cocktails, beers, and wines you can find on supermarket shelves. You can drink a tumbler of whiskey without worrying about packing on the pounds thanks to its low sugar content.Boost Heart Health — Did you know that drinking whiskey can actually make your heart healthier? Aside from wine and dark beer, what other alcohols can claim that? Not only will whiskey reduce the risk of blood clots, but it will lower your stroke and heart attack risk as well. The antioxidants in whiskey stop cholesterol from clogging your arteries, and it can even boost your good cholesterol.Fight Cancer –– Whiskey is rich in antioxidants, particularly one known as ellagic acid. This antioxidant stops your body’s DNA from coming in contact with cancer-causing compounds, reducing the risk of carcinogens forming. It can also protect your body from chemotherapy and will reduce oxidation in your body.Improve Brain Health — …

25 Lists You Should Make

by Barbara Davidson Grocery shopping lists and to-do lists are a common daily practice amongst most individuals. Whether you choose to write things down at home or at work, lists help you stay organized and focused on the need at hand (and they ensure you don’t forget anything!). In fact, recent studies have shown that you are 42 percent more likely to complete a task simply because you wrote it down.1 Since this strategy for accomplishing your to-do’s is so successful, why limit your list-usage to simple daily tasks? Allow yourself to organize other areas of your life with a simple list. Seeing all the items listed out can give you a better sense of how to accomplish them or motivate you more so you can get the satisfaction of crossing something off. Alternatively, you can keep daily lists around to add positive thoughts and affirmations to. Whatever the reason you want to keep a list, here are 25 lists you can start today!
Destinations you want to travel toCareer goalsImportant stapl…

12 Guidelines for Handling Emergency Situations Quickly and Effectively

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for
Based on materials from bezpalatki,

10 Things You Shouldn’t Care About If You Want To Become Successful

The more you care, the less they’ll care. Just ignore such people and focus on your goals. Stay away from toxic people. It is never too late or never too soon. Do what you believe you should. A lot of waste our valuable time caring about certain things that in the end amount to nothing. But how do you separate the valuable things from the useless ones? Well, we’ve put up a list so you can easily differentiate. Here are the 10 Things You Shouldn’t Care About If You Want To Become Successful 
OTHER PEOPLE’S JUDGMENT The point when the globe gets true tranquil and just the thing cleared out is the beat of your own heart. Generally you’ll never see what it’s letting you. The point when you invest an excess of time concentrating for everybody else’s observation of you, alternately everybody else needs you to be, you inevitably overlook who you are. Something like that don’t dread those judgments about others; you recognize previously. You must be another person on awe and motivate individua…

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