Saturday, January 23, 2016


So I have been thinking about these past days about people, how different we are but somehow the same. I think about my friends; each person has their own personalities.
We have similarities of course because we are friends, some have a bit less, others more but we are friends, it doesn’t matter. When we don’t agree with something, we accept it anyway.
We talk about our problems, our hopes, our happy moments even those conversations which is not our thing.
So, people, human beings are sometimes insane, we talk about other’s people life but our is also insane. We like to talk about everything because we are humans, although we don't agree. We have to talk because is like taking out this heavy feeling, what is making us sad or happy
You people, enemies, lovers, friends, sometimes can not fit in some group, again, different ideas. Why can not understand? Got to respect the other! I don’t know what I am writing but I want to continue to write about people.
We, people, are strange, we don’t know what to do neither what to think sometimes but at the end is all about respect. Respect the other human being although you may not agree but this respect must be mutual.