Monday, March 16, 2009

The 'top' of the 10 inventions that changed the world


A group of 20 British scientists chose the most technological inventions that changed the way humanity interacts and lives today. Experts from the British Association of Science and the choices range from the barcode to tennis sports
Credit card food of 'plastic' - the order is random -, these are the ten most technological inventions that marked the world in the last century. The election was made by a panel of 20 scientists in England, the British Science Association - and served to mark a week dedicated to science and engineering.

The list is debatable, as all others. And the criteria are not based necessarily on the benefits that these inventions have brought to humanity.

The credit card is because it facilitated the movement of capital, particularly by citizens abroad, but also not forget that contributed to the over in which people live today. Of food or plastic is worth talking about ...

But there is no doubt that these technologies and products have changed the world. Which brought not only by the innovative, but above all the impact they had on behavior and priorities of modern times.

The bar code, a relatively simple idea at first, changed the way to shop. The tennis to race not only improved the performance and marked the fashion over generations.

The choices of experts, note that while you want to reflect more than half a century of invention, the list ends up being much influenced by trends in decades, if not in recent years. Examples of this are the choices of "social networking" on the Internet or text messages (SMS), the preferential mode of communication - some say that, on an equal footing with the speech - of teenagers, or the famous GPS.