Saturday, December 30, 2006

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After so long time I don't know why I still continue the same ( the same idea when you have a strange feeling that you will do everything as you imagined!) but why everything goes wrong?!
Im so stucked and bored of all this, really.
Is always the same thing everyday, I need holidays. To disappear from this place , far from everybody and everything.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas is Coming

The Spirit of Christmas is already in the air, the lights are on and music too. Its nice to walk in the town and see all that things.
People run in the shops, its the crazy moment to buy the presents.
I still didnt buy everything, sincerelly, is quite tireing look for something to offer to a person, well, im talking about myself, I spent at least one hour looking for the "perfect gift" !!!!
I still need to buy to my mother and for a friend, I already know what to buy for my mother, but, for my friend not yet!
I thought a neckless but she is alergic, a blouse, i dont know her size! HUmm.... :
I must analise better!!!
What is the main thing when you think about Christmas? Santa Claus? Presents? Familly?
The main thing is about love and Christ, that link us with friends, familly and with other people.
Christmas is all the year, when u offer something to the other person, a smile, a help or a present.

Monday, December 18, 2006

We are Nothing

Some days ago, I was with my co-workers talking about a friend of our that had an accident with his moto, we were sad because he is still young and really nice person.
From that moment I though that we are nothing in this life, we can be ok now and after some minutes we have an accident and who knows, die!!!
Maybe this is strange, but, its true, we are nothing.
Some people are really greed and for what?! After we die we won't be able to lead that money!
Money is good, I know, to have a better life, no problems with the bank, but then they use it to reach something in the life ( in bad way of course!) " I pay you € 5000 for you close your mouth". Simple!
Money is always the central of problems.
While we live, better apreciate the good things, like to be with our friends, laugh till cry, our familly, these are the little moments we do not apreciate till they are gone!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Many Times

How many times we think about giving up, leaving of side, the ideal and the dreams;
How many times we beat in withdrawal, with the heart hurted for the injustice;
How many times we feel the weight of the responsibility, without having with who to divide;
How many times we feel solitude exactly surrounded of people;
How many times we speak, without being noticed;
How many times we fight for a lost cause;
How many times we come back toward house with the defeat sensation;
How many times that tear, falls , exactly in the hour where we need to seem strong; How many times we ask for to the God a little of force, a little of light;And reply come, either there as will be, A smile, a to look at abetter, a card, a ticket, a gesture of love;
And people insists; It insists on continuing, believing, In transforming, dividing, In being, being;
And God insists on on blessing them, in in showing the Way to them;
That more difficult, more complicated, prettiest one.
And people insists on following, why it has a mission ..... To be Happy!

Friday, December 08, 2006


It has been a change, forever....
You are sleeping.
I am a new person now.
Now I look in front and I see new things.
Yes, It was important for me change.
But, I got Off.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You 're my Fantasy

My extasy
My trouble
My ilusion
My empty feeling
My music
My metamorphosy
My paralel world
My breath
My need
My reason to live