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Life on the Train

A while back, I read a very interesting book that compared life to a train ride or a series of train rides.
Life is like a train ride, it read. We get on.
We ride. We get off. We get back on and ride some more.
There are accidents and there are delays. At certain stops there are surprises.
Some of these will translate into great moments of joy, some will result in profound sorrow.
When we are born and we first board the train, we meet people whom we think will be with us for the entire journey. Those people a
re our parents!
Sadly, this is far from the truth.
Our parents are with us for as long as we absolutely need them. They too have journeys they must complete. We live on with the memories of their love, affection, friendship, guidance and their ever presence.
There are others who board the train and who eventually become very important to us, in turn.
These people are our brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances, whom we will learn to love, and cherish.
Some people consider their journe…

Bon Jovi - (You Want To) Make a Memory

Music Video Codes
Artist / Band : Bon Jovi
Single Lyrics from Album : Lost Highway
Released : March, 2007 (radio)
Genre : Hard RockHello again, it’s you and me
Kinda always like it used to be
Sippin’ wine, killing time
Trying to solve life’s mysteriesHow’s your life, it’s been a while
God it’s good to see you smile
I see you reaching for your keys
Looking for a reason not to leaveIf you don’t know if you should stay
If you don’t say what’s on your mind
Baby just breathe
There’s nowhere else tonight we should beYou wanna make a memory?I dug up this old photograph
Look at all that hair we had.
It’s bittersweet to hear you laugh
Your phone is ringing I don’t wanna askIf you go now, I’ll understand
If you stay, hey, I’ve got a plan
We’re gonna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You can sing the melody to me
And I can write a couple of linesYou wanna make a memory?If you don’t know if you should stay
And you don’t say what’s on your mind
Baby just breathe
There’s nowhere else tonight we should be
We Sho…

Did you know that...

...When you envies somebody is because in the truth you like her?

... Those people that looks to have a strong heart, in reality are weak ?

... Those people, whom pass all the time protecting others, are
those that actually needs somebody to protect them?

... The three things more difficult to say are: I love you, do you forgive me and can you help me?

... The people that say this, really feel the need or just feel it and are those that need to value them because they said.

... Those people who try occupy serving of company for somebody or helping the others, they are those that really need company and aid?

...those that that dress of red are the ones that has more confidence in itself?

...those that dress of yellow are those that appreciates its proper beauty?

... those that dress of black color, are those that want to pass unobserved and need your aid and understanding?

...when help somebody, that help returns you to duplicate?

...those that needs more your help are those that less men…

I got an Award!

I must thank you for the people that choosed me for this award!!!!
I know im lazzy for these things ehmm Dream Catcher!!!! Now I claim!!!!! ^_^
I only got 2 from Dream Catcher and Doodles of the Insane but im happy for that!

Here are the rules:

1. If, and only if, you get nominated, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).You can find more details hereNow my 5 Blogs That Make Me Think are:Dream Catcher: Because you catch the words very deep and transforms them in a dream for whom read !

7Confessions: You are funny! The obcession for Johnny Deep make me sm:)le !!! And the entertainment is part of your blog!!!

Insouciant Soul: I think everybody should visit him, his blog is just amazing!!! I identify a bit with his poetry


Im Back!

( Click in the picture to see bigger)

Hello World!
Finally I backed home!I arrived at 01:15 AM and im happy that I arrived to my sweet land!
I went to Porto for 2 weeks and I enjoyed a lot! I think I could live there!
At same time I didnt want to came back! LOl! But I loved the ppl, their acent, the town... everything! The North of Portugal is so beautifull that I advice everybody visit!


Hello Everybody,
I just wanted to say that I will be away for a couple of days & I wont be able to visit you as I wont have computer!
It will be good at same time to be away from everything ^_^

Have a wonderfull week and enjoy!

" For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision.
And today well-lived, makes
Yesterday a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope. "



1st June, Child Day

Because you are sensitive,
Because you are unique,
Because you are our future.

How many children are abused?!
How many children are abducted?!
How many children are badly treated?!
How many need love?!

Please take care of them....