Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For a happy life we do everything - and in that stress we slide from an unhappyness to another. If we ask the german what concepts that more fascinate them, you will find " happyness", "love", "friendship" on the top of the scale.
More up of the sex, idependency, or the professional sucess. However, just 1 in 10 germans consider happy.
What is happyness for you? A romantic weekend with the person of your heart? A walk in the bars with your friends? Or the 6 numbers of the lotery that would help you to make all your dreams came true?!
At the end, the concep of happyness (lucky) adapts to these fantasies.

independently of what satisfied us, in our body happens a stimulate sensation, little transformations. when we are happy our blood pulsaton acelerate, our muscles descontrate.

So here are 6 mistakes about happyness:

1º: the human being wasnt done for to be happy

2º who only can be happy is whom are well in the life

3º money makes a person be happy

4ºdownload the nervous tensions moves away the bad feelings

5º lazyness makes good to the soul

6º happyness makes the person indolent

Monday, August 27, 2007


What do you do when you feel being the worst
being small...
Always confuse
The world is falling in your head
This is not you
iT can't be you
but it is YOU!

You can't recognize yourself!
That little voice caling you...
but you feel angry.
you feel sad because you can't go on...

My words are lost

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sometimes we feel like this moment...
What to use 2day?!
what do you prefer?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mariza- chuva

The fado is undoubtedly Portugal's most famous music.
It is also a most rewarding experience which amply repays any effort that may be entailed in its initial appreciation.[1] One theory states that Fado had its origin in Moorish songs, which were preserved in the quarter of Mouraria in Lisbon. The melancholy of those songs and the references in many fado lyrics to this part of Lisbon support that theory. Musicological research connects the first fado performances to modinhas, which were a kind of Brazilian hall music that was successful among middle-class social circles in the later 18th century in Lisbon and Porto: at the time, Brazilian students were a strong presence in the University of Coimbra.

Here is one of my favorites singers, MARIZA with the song CHUVA ( rain)

Original Lyric

As coisas vulgares que há na vida
Não deixam saudades
Só as lembranças que doem
Ou fazem sorrir

Há gente que fica na história
da história da gente
e outras de quem nem o nome
lembramos ouvir

São emoções que dão vida
à saudade que trago
Aquelas que tive contigo
e acabei por perder

Há dias que marcam a alma
e a vida da gente
e aquele em que tu me deixaste
não posso esquecer

A chuva molhava-me o rosto
Gelado e cansado
As ruas que a cidade tinha
Já eu percorrera

Ai... meu choro de moça perdida
gritava à cidade
que o fogo do amor sob chuva
há instantes morrera

A chuva ouviu e calou
meu segredo à cidade
E eis que ela bate no vidro
Trazendo a saudade

Translation in English

Things which are distasteful in life
Leave us with no longing
Only the memories which hurt
Or make us smile

There are people who make history
In the history of people
And others we can't even
Remember their names

They are emotions that give life
To the longing I carry
Those which I had with you
And ended up losing

There are days that mark the soul
And life of people
And the day you left me
I cannot forget

The rain drenched my face
Cold and tired
The streets of the city
Each one I have wandered
Oh, my lost child lament
Cried out to the city
That love's fire under the rain
Had died instants ago

The rain heard and kept
My secret from the city
And listen to how it beats on the glass
Bringing that nostalgia back

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Frozen Heart

" It is the indifference that makes us see the reality of the things, the feeling that afect us is the extreme sadness"

"Indifference that we would wait other things but later comes another one…"


love poem

In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.
Speech is born out of longing,
True description from the real taste.
The one who tastes, knows;
the one who explains, lies.
How can you describe the true form of Something
In whose presence you are blotted out?
And in whose being you still exist?
And who lives as a sign for your journey?

bullet Rabi'ah al-Adawiyya, a major spiritual influence in the classical Islamic world, is one of the central figures of the spiritual tradition. She was born around the year 717 C.E. in what is now Iraq.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Empathy Causes Facial Similarity Between Couples to Increase Over Time

Would you believe that people who live with each other for 25 years actuallydevelop similar facial features? I don't just mean that people tend to choose partners who resemble them, rather that over time together couple's features actually converge. It's weird, but there's evidence for it from a singular study carried out by the noted psychologist Robert Zajonc and colleagues.

Here's what they did.

110 participants were shown photographs of men and women in their first year of marriage and of the same couples after 25 years of marriage. Then they were asked to judge their resemblance along with the chance that any man and woman were married to each other. The researchers went to a lot of effort to remove extraneous info and crop photos so that only faces could be seen.

The types of choices the participants made indicated the perception was that couples became more facially similar after 25 years together. The results could not be explained by people simply all looking the same as they got older. Also, data from a control group indicated participants were indeed making judgements on the basis of facial features rather than any other criteria.

So this means if you stick around with your partner, you'll end up looking more like them after a couple of decades. Which naturally raises the question: why?

Here are the possible explanations the authors suggest:

1. Diet. If you share your diet with another person it's possible this is the cause. For example if both partners eat a high fat diet, both their faces will tend to look chubby. The authors, however, ruled this out using an additional small study.

2. Environment. It could be that it's because couples live together in the same area. This means that environmental factors such as sunshine and so on affect the skin in similar ways. The authors rule this one out as well because all their married couples came from the same part of the US Midwest and were matched on a number of other socioeconomic variables.

3. Predisposition. This is the idea that people are more likely to choose partners who will grow to look like them. E.g. depressed people are attracted to each other, so end up looking depressed. The authors give this one a maybe, although it is not their favourite option.

4. Empathy. This is the theory the authors like - and so do I. People grow to look similar because they are empathising with each other and so copying each other's facial expressions. Over time because of all the empathising they are doing, their faces come to look more similar. For example, if one partner often smiles in a particular way, the other is likely to copy it - so creating similar patterns of wrinkles and furrows on the face.

Because they liked theory number 4 the authors had another thought. Why not see if those who grow to look most like each other are the happiest couples? Presumably, then, those who get on better, empathise with each other to a greater degree and therefore go on to look more similar. Unfortunately, this test failed to reach statistical significance, so this study doesn't give us enough evidence to say whether or not it is true.

A glimpse of the future?

A straw poll of people I've talked to about this research reveals a polarised reaction. Some think that growing to look more like your partner is an horrific idea. Others, though, think there's something very sweet and romantic about it. I think I'm in the latter camp.

There is one worrying possibility this study suggests. It is said if you want to find out what your partner will look like when they're older, you should look at your partner's parents. Perhaps a glance at your partner's parents might also reveal what you will look like in a couple of decades. Truly scary stuff!


Zajonc, R.B., Adelmann, P.K., Murphy, S.T., & Niedenthal, P.M. (1987). Convergence in the physical appearance of spouses. Motivation and Emotion, 11(4), 335-346.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Winner

If you think you are beaten, you are;
if you think you dare not, you don't;
if you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
it's almost a cinch you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you've lost,
for out in the world you find
success begins with a person's will.
It's all in the state of the mind.

If you think you're outclassed, you are;
you've got to think high to rise;
you've got to be sure of yourself before
you can ever win the prize.

Many a race is lost
before a step is run;
and many a coward fails
before ever his work's begun.

Think big and your deeds will grow;
think small and you'll fall behind;
think that you can and you will.
It's all in the state of the mind.

Life's battles don't always go
to the stronger or faster person:
but sooner or later the person who wins
is the person who thinks he can.

Hugo J.K. de Vries

Friday, August 03, 2007


How deep are you , to give a piece of your heart to someone you love?
O quão profundo você é capaz de esburacar seu coração, para dar um pedaço a alguém que você ama?

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