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there is love...

Há amor amigo
There's friendly love
Amor rebelde
Rebel love

Amor antigo
Old love
Amor da pele
Skin love

Há amor tão longe
There's love so far away
Amor distante
Distant love
Amor de olhos
Love of eyes
Amor de amante
Lover love

Há amor de inverno
There's winter love
Amor de verão
Summer love
Amor que rouba
Love that steals
Como um ladrão
Like a thief

Há amor passageiro
There's temporary love
Amor não amado
Love not loved
Amor que aparece
Love that appears
Amor descartado
Discarded love

Há amor despido
There's naked love
Amor ausente
Absent love
Amor de corpo
Body love
E sangue, bem quente
And blood, so warm

Há amor adulto
There's adult love
Amor pensado
Thought love
Amor sem insulto
Love without insult
Mas nunca, nunca tocado
But never, never touched

Há amor secreto
There's secret love
De cheiro intenso
Of intense smell
Amor tao próximo
love so near
Amor de incenso
Incense love

Há amor que mata
There's love that kills
Amor que mente
love that lies
Amor que nada, mas nada
Love that nothing, but nothing
Te faz conten…


" Make your problem an obstacle that life put you to test "

by Soul&Body