Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Melancholic Tough

Among untied words here is my consolation,
Nobody Knows me,
Nobody wants to care
Much less to read,
I only want to leave my words
By this cosmic world
By millions of bytes
I leave my feeling of sadness and hope,
Everything have-of falling by itself
Just wait....
In this world there is nothing it does not have nothing in go
It is a battle made of conquests and defeats
I fight for the conquests, but I do accept the defeat,
For everything that I believe, even though for the incredible ones
Look around you, look the reality, is in front of your eyes,
Don't look with your heart, ebcause sometimes he lies you,
Sometimes we do not want accept the reality,
everything becames is a dream, when we wake up is too late.
Everything is in front of you...
Our life is made of special moments, even bad or good,
You choose...
... so cry, laugh, jump, sm:)le ...
This is Life!


Anonymous said...

cool poem

Hathor said...

Hi irma! I'm happy u resolved ur problem. Maybe u lost all u wrote in the past... but, really, just present matters! ti voglio bene, a presto sorella! Bom inicio (right?)

Isa said...

Oh its beautifull!
Congrats on your new blog!
Many many kisses my dear friend!
What would i do without you?
Big Hugs