Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Many Times

How many times we think about giving up, leaving of side, the ideal and the dreams;
How many times we beat in withdrawal, with the heart hurted for the injustice;
How many times we feel the weight of the responsibility, without having with who to divide;
How many times we feel solitude exactly surrounded of people;
How many times we speak, without being noticed;
How many times we fight for a lost cause;
How many times we come back toward house with the defeat sensation;
How many times that tear, falls , exactly in the hour where we need to seem strong; How many times we ask for to the God a little of force, a little of light;And reply come, either there as will be, A smile, a to look at abetter, a card, a ticket, a gesture of love;
And people insists; It insists on continuing, believing, In transforming, dividing, In being, being;
And God insists on on blessing them, in in showing the Way to them;
That more difficult, more complicated, prettiest one.
And people insists on following, why it has a mission ..... To be Happy!


Anonymous said...

sweeti here
staying a kid is not that bad ....
beautiful words u write here
i like them very much

Anonymous said...

Tudo o que desejo é conseguir sorrir despreoucupadamente como uma criança!