Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pablo Neruda - No title

You were also a small leaf that trembled in my chest.
The wind of the life put you there.
At the begining I didn't see you: I didn't know that you went with me,
until your roots had crossed my chest,
had joined the  wires of my blood, had spoken for my mouth, they had blossomed with me.


Golfinho said...

Love the star and the poem.
Lovely new Template.
Kisses :)

Rafael said...

Peço desculpa outra vez.
Sabes, eu também fotografo.
Achei o teu blog muito bonito e colokei um link para o visitar mais vezes.
Não quero de volta

sweeti said...

Beautiful words. and ur space looks awesome..
And thx for ur sweet words.The whole family is walking on clouds nowadays.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

amiga, esse ai é mesmo lindo, sempre a bombar o pablo neruda =)