Monday, August 20, 2007

Mariza- chuva

The fado is undoubtedly Portugal's most famous music.
It is also a most rewarding experience which amply repays any effort that may be entailed in its initial appreciation.[1] One theory states that Fado had its origin in Moorish songs, which were preserved in the quarter of Mouraria in Lisbon. The melancholy of those songs and the references in many fado lyrics to this part of Lisbon support that theory. Musicological research connects the first fado performances to modinhas, which were a kind of Brazilian hall music that was successful among middle-class social circles in the later 18th century in Lisbon and Porto: at the time, Brazilian students were a strong presence in the University of Coimbra.

Here is one of my favorites singers, MARIZA with the song CHUVA ( rain)

Original Lyric

As coisas vulgares que há na vida
Não deixam saudades
Só as lembranças que doem
Ou fazem sorrir

Há gente que fica na história
da história da gente
e outras de quem nem o nome
lembramos ouvir

São emoções que dão vida
à saudade que trago
Aquelas que tive contigo
e acabei por perder

Há dias que marcam a alma
e a vida da gente
e aquele em que tu me deixaste
não posso esquecer

A chuva molhava-me o rosto
Gelado e cansado
As ruas que a cidade tinha
Já eu percorrera

Ai... meu choro de moça perdida
gritava à cidade
que o fogo do amor sob chuva
há instantes morrera

A chuva ouviu e calou
meu segredo à cidade
E eis que ela bate no vidro
Trazendo a saudade

Translation in English

Things which are distasteful in life
Leave us with no longing
Only the memories which hurt
Or make us smile

There are people who make history
In the history of people
And others we can't even
Remember their names

They are emotions that give life
To the longing I carry
Those which I had with you
And ended up losing

There are days that mark the soul
And life of people
And the day you left me
I cannot forget

The rain drenched my face
Cold and tired
The streets of the city
Each one I have wandered
Oh, my lost child lament
Cried out to the city
That love's fire under the rain
Had died instants ago

The rain heard and kept
My secret from the city
And listen to how it beats on the glass
Bringing that nostalgia back


Soph!a said...

Fado, é à noite em pleno Bairro alto...

Ahh...e sou fã do Carlos do Carmo... :$

KAYLEE said...

love that song!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

If you want a better translation of 'Chuva', go to

The one you have isn't in very good English I'm afraid........ :(

Mariza is THE BEST!!!! :)

soul&body said...

ahahhaha thank you!!! this translation was from the you tube LOL

Nabeel said...

the heart picture on the right column of your blog, i like it. It's light photography right?

mojitos said...


Usualmente, quem vê é porque se dispersa mais facilmente em relação ao que foi pedido. =)

Um Beijo.

eduardo waghorn said...

I like fado very much, and I like this singer too:)
Well, I found your blog by casuality, I want to send you warm greetings from Chile, South America.
Here's is winter yet, but spring is opening her arms near and near...
Please, visit me if you are confortable.
You can use my translator:)
Keep blogging

KAYLEE said...

another template change? like it!

CM-Chap said...

Hey... I don't have knowledge on Portugal music..but I simply loved this song... So melodious...

Drama Div@ said...

Sorry, I know I haven't visited your blog for quite a while.. i was in Mumbai for a week...

I love your new templates. You do awesome work!

Two things that I know about
Portugal are Cristiano Ronaldo & Pauleta.. love to learn more.. thanks for sharing!

Prashant said...

Nice song

Smiles :)

Anonymous said...

How are you dear??
Nice words...

Isom said...

I first heard Mariza only a year ago. She was on Knowledge Network (TV), a local channel similar to PBS. I was immediately entranced & had to know more. I bought & downloaded Concerto En Lisboa & listen to it often. Chuva is one of my favourite songs & my eyes wet up each time I hear it. Even without understanding Portuguese, the song is very moving & filled with pathos. I was just listening to it now & wanted to find an English translation.

While searching, I found your site. I think the best translation I found is by someone named felixpradas. It can be found here (it's the 2nd translation): Translation

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with this song... It is so inspiring...lively and sad at the same time...

Anonymous said...

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