Friday, December 21, 2007

Humor: Crying

Letting the cloth sheets catch my every tear,

I cry again tonight.

Over the things you say and don't mean.

The little things you say hit me so deep,

I don't know whether to believe them or toss them aside.

All these signals. I'm so confused.

What am I to do?

I hate doing all of this crying just because of you.

It drains my energy and I slip back into depression's hold.

I just can't seem to stop the tears from coming.

I can't stop it.

Why can't I stop them?

Help me!

I'm tired of crying myself to sleep...
©2005-2007 ~metal-freak-vampire


Marghy said...

May stars come more near earth tonight, to hug you, my friend...
ti voglio tantissimo bene!!

soul&body said...

I love you my friend so much tesorinAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marghy said...

Tesorinha miaaa ;o)
A kiss!! tvbene!

Drama Div@ said...

I wish I could say something wise but I don't know where to begin. hopefully all this sadness will be gone soon...

merry christmas and happy new year!

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Sounds like your soul and body have been going through a lot lately. I hope that some gentle peace has entered your realm.