Monday, February 09, 2009


Claire Parker

The floor was covered
Clothes, shoes
Layers of personality meant to impress
My makeup
Your meds

We lived in a room
With the world locked out
On a bed that smelled of
Trust and fear
Pain and love

Your chest was my pillow
And my arms were your sheets
Until the lights and noise faded away
And we saw by the shine in our own
Smiles and eyes

And when I couldn’t
Feel my heart or
Find the words
You made my body

We forced ourselves
Into ourselves
In hopes of finding something
We didn’t even know we’d lost

By the end the bed was stained
With our efforts
And our rewards
We couldn’t always tell them apart

We slept
Slick with sweat
But huddling close
To keep reality
From getting between our sheets


akanksha said...

Wow what a poetry! Emotions so well blended into words...Amazing!

Hope you remember me!

Life said...

Hey sould this one is really a soulful peace.....a feelings wrapped in love with decent shy feelings.......between the sheets with love

Take Care

poeta_silente said...

Hi Soulbody!
How are you?
Now in Portuguese:
Estou com saudades, querida amiga.

Alê Belerique said...

Sem dúvida você vai amar Roma!
Esse ano voltei lá!
Mas ainda não tive tempo de postar as fotos!
Também sou viciada em fotos, amo fazer scrakbook e as fotos são a minha maior paixão no trabalho!
Beijinhos divirta-se muito e depois quero ver as fotos!