Thursday, October 22, 2009


I made of myself what I did not know how,
And what I could have made of myself I failed to do.
The domino costume that I wore was all wrong
And I was immediately recognized as someone I was not and I did not deny it, and was lost.
When I tried to take off the mask,
It was stuck to my face.
When I took it off and looked myself in the mirror,
I had already grown old.
I was drunk, and I no longer knew how to put on the costume that I had not taken off.
I threw the mask away and slept in the dressing room
Like a dog tolerated by the management
Because it is harmless.
And I am going to write this story to prove that I am sublime. .


Marghi said...

great pessoa!!! Ti voglio bene stellinaaaa waaa irmaa ihihihi!!


Standbymind said...

I like that sketch!!!

n me hat the discography too!!

(How ya been..long time???)

dintoons said...

hey cool sketch!!
Happy creative 2010!! God bless you.

Haddock said...

Thats a simple yet neat sketch.