Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The good news and great news is that we don't

definitely leave  the people we love.
And so there's no emotional pain involved in death to
the soul died. When we die, we find our loved
ones "still alive" on the Other Side - where most of them
dwelling place in No Time / No Space.

A truth that religions do not teach us is this: We
exist simultaneously on both sides of the veil that separates the
United Kingdom of Physics of the Spiritual.
We divided ourselves to experience the Kingdom of Physical
without letting the Spirit World.

Letting the Spirit World is not necessary for us
to experience  as Who You Really Are. Simply
send a part of ourselves to the physical world, collecting and
attaching a portion of our energy at a given location of the Soul
the Here and Now, in order to identify with what we are
to be in a life given to us.

What really happens at death?

When we do something called "dying"we just
Identification dissipate energy (DIE), flowing our
Essence, once again back in Single and Soul
Individual identity that we are.

There waiting for us on the Other Side when we are the
Complete souls of all those we loved - in this life and
all lives. Complete these souls have the ability to
coalesce in any way you wish ... and they do it ...
taking the form of loved ones that have just left the
Physical World.

Quickly recognize these souls, of course! And then we laughed and
danced with joy, we learn that we never
leave each other completely - and this will never happen,
because We Are All One, there is always and in all forms
glory of life everlasting singling Unified (SOUL) that is
God, to know himself!

(CWG-newsletter 18FeB2011)

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