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Mother duck's 'bird brain' saves ducklings

She grabs police officer by pant leg to lead him to her brood trapped under grate
Nicholas Read Vancouver Sun

Ray Peterson, Special to the Sun / Mother duck shows police officer where her ducklings fell through a grate into a sewer underneath the Granville Street Bridge.

Don't mention "bird brains" to Ray Petersen, because after what happened this week, he won't hear a word of it.

Petersen, a community police officer for Granville Downtown South, was walking in the 1500-block Granville Street (directly under the Granville Bridge) Wednesday morning when a duck came up and grabbed him by the pant leg. Then it started waddling around him and quacking.

"I thought it was a bit goofy, so I shoved it away," Petersen said in an interview.

But the duck, a female (he thinks it was a mallard), wasn't about to give up that easily. Making sure she still had Petersen's eye, she waddled up the road about 20 metres and lay on a storm sewer grate.

Petersen watched and thou…


I made of myself what I did not know how, And what I could have made of myself I failed to do. The domino costume that I wore was all wrong And I was immediately recognized as someone I was not and I did not deny it, and was lost. When I tried to take off the mask, It was stuck to my face. When I took it off and looked myself in the mirror, I had already grown old. I was drunk, and I no longer knew how to put on the costume that I had not taken off. I threw the mask away and slept in the dressing room Like a dog tolerated by the management Because it is harmless. And I am going to write this story to prove that I am sublime. .