Thursday, November 30, 2006


One of the things that I noticed in these days are about people, the preconception.
Some people really are that way, that can't acept some things, like when 2 persons love each other and then, the others, don't see that love like a "normal" thing, when one person is younger than another, when he took drogues before and now is clean, or because he was in that way, or he dress and speak in a strange way.
When a person love another, she doesnt care about those particular things, the most important here is the love that they feel.
And people are jelous about the others whom are happy. These people must get a life, let them live!!! I think they wish to be the same...

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soul&body said...

golfinho o que foi que acontceu ao teu blog??? nao entro no teu blog!!! jokas