Thursday, February 01, 2007


I have learned that we learn making mistakes
Growing up doesn't mean making aniversary
Silence is the best answer when we listen a foolery;

Work doesn't mean earn money;
Dreams are there to be conquered;
Friends, we conquer, showing what we really are;
True friends stay with you till the end;
The badness always hide behind of a beautifull face;
We do not wait for the happyness but, we look for it;
When we think we know everything is when we learnt nothing;
Nature is most beautifull thing in life;
Love means give all of yourself;
A day can be more important thatmany years;
We can talk with stars;
We can confess with the moon;
We can travel over the infinite;
Listening a word of affection is good to the health;
Give an affection also does...
That to dream it is necessary;
We should be a child the whole life;
Our being is free;

The strange judgement is not important;
What really matters is the interior peace.


Golfinho said...

Já tinha aqui passado de tarde e não sabia o que escrever, e continuo sem saber. É isto que escreveste. É a vida... em sentido literal


sweeti said...

My entry abt as long not a song
They are my own words..Maybe
u can make it a song..would love it

The first line of urs here...
My God ..This morning i had this.. I trusted ppl That was my mistake..........Im feel confused now..still ...........Now I feel sad thats the word...

Anonymous said...

Tambem ainda ando a procura dum sentido para a minha vida...
Neste momento escolhi o recolhimento para lamber as minhas feridas e cicatrizar!
Acho que por dificil que tenha sido fiz a escolha certa!
Beijinhos minha amiga!Ate breve!

. said...

Almost true.
Jitender Saan
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