Monday, February 19, 2007


It's night and im doing nothing here  actually, in these last days I have been so lazy to update ...
So, im here writing something, I have no idea what to write.
Internet is making me boring, I don't know what do!!!
This is strange because I always find something interesting, MSN Messenger is getting boring.
I think I must find something nice without be this. Any idea?!
Kisses to Everybody.
Good Night
Sweet Dreams.***


Anonymous said...

Tambem me aconteceu o mesmo lol! Ja abri um novo space no myspace...
Afinal volto sempre aqui mas como dizemos na nossa terra : o k demais é moléstia!!!
ha k fazer outras coisas tambem!
Linda...deixa vir o sol!!!!
Beijokas da tua amiga ISA

Golfinho said...

Add me to your MSN: :)
Everything will shine, you`ll se :P

Mágic@ said...

.."Add me to your MSN: Everything will shine, you`ll se"... o_o' ...hashashuashauhashashah.Repugnante.

Golfinho said...

sweet dreams are made of this :P...
you little witch ;)
please add me too :P

sweeti said...

Lift ur ass and go for jogging..haha
u will feel awesome..... when u take shower after that.
Thx for ur supporting words..i need mental support in chapel next sunday
But i manage.....thx i have to
warm hug

Sveva said...

How about writing about your last dream?
Maybe I'll do that next time. The problem is to remember it. Crazy dream world!

Sveva said...

The German version is a mess! ;-D