Friday, April 06, 2007

Sob a Lua

The first thing that Jéssica felt was fear. Then Nick pressed the lips against her neck and he made her to shake and to forget of everything, except that she wanted to be with him.
It extended the hands to unbutton her the shirt, but he hold her the hands.
- Not yet! - she cried out.
He smiled when seeing her frustration.
- Because first I want to play you. I want a long alone time to pass to play you. I want to feel how you shake and I want to hear to sigh you.
That hot promise did with that she wanted him still more.
But she also wanted to play him. she wanted to travel him s and the mouth, to feel his skin and to savor himt. And, then, to keep that experience forever.
She finished the champagne and it put the glass on top of the table.
- That are to the wait?
He smiled and it put his/her drink beside her.
- I also want to see you. I want to see as your eyes are darkened with the passion and as your heart it accelerates. - she lifted him the chin with a finger and she smiled.
- There are a lot of things that I want to see and to do with you, Jéssica.
he traveled the neck with finger and he went for the outline of their breasts. She supported the breathing when he continued the course for the waist.
He began to unbutton her the blouse, slowly, button to button. When it ended, it didn't remove her immediately, it just moved away her a little, enough to press the lips against the silk that covered/her the chest.
She felt as they became hard the nipples.
- Nick...- it was a sussuro, a supplication.
- Jéssica...
He sucked with force and her nailed her only fingers in the shoulders when feeling that the knees shook her.
- And did you want this part to jump?
- Me no... I she didn't know... ah... anything of this part.
Finally, he came undone of the blouse and of the skirt, and it took her to the lap for the bed.
She waited, impatiently, that him if it undressed, wanting, to feel himt close to itself. But he lied down to her side completely dress.
- There is still more - he told her. - Much more.
then, he kissed her.
He removed her bra , when it put the mouth on her chest, she screamed of pleasure. He slid the hand among their legs and she began to do her to fly.
She was to contort breathless and he undressed quickly. naked ,he among the legs and it moved away them.
- looks at me Jéssica!
She opened the eyes and it tried to focus him
- Nick. - opened the legs and he lifted the hips, felt her in the acme when feeling his nude skin against yours, when feeling it inside of itself.
Then, he began to move and she felt that the fire grew, until that everything emerged in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors.

Nick woke up the following morning, to feel the happiest man of the world, until that was in search of Jéssica and she didn't find her.
In the cushion there was a ticket:

" I didn't want to enter home at the hour of the small lunch. Thank you at night yesterday"


Anonymous said...

Oh meu Deus!!!!
Era tudo o que eu não queria lembrara ja sabes porque!
De qualquer maneira é mesmo bonito!
Como estas amiga?
Eu tenho evitado estar online pois sempre que ca venho tehno uma recaida...fraca!!!!!!!
Espero que tenhas uma boa Pascua e falamos em breve..
beijinhos da ISA

sweeti said...

HIiiiiiiiii Happy Easter
sun is shining here The light of Jesus......yep Couldnot be a better time...TC and indeed its sad to hear so many ppl dot know the meaning of Easter
Sorry i cant read ur entry....
TC and lots of joy.....SMILE!!!!!!!!!!

Inanotherlife said...

thanks my dear...
Feliz Pascoa for you...
It's rigth? *_* he he!


rachid said...

wow, what a story, well told!
i would like to thank you for your very kind comment in my space:

will certainly beback to visit you soon.

bes regards,