Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Inevitable Co- Responsability

" I came from all places and no place . I belong to the world, my friend!"

" The begining of the inevitable co- responsability shows that the human relationships are a big multifocal web.
It reveals that nobody is a fisical island, psychic and social inside of the humanity.
We are all influenced by the others. All our acts , concious or unconcious, by our attitudes constructive or destructive, change the events and the development of the own humanity.
Any human being- intelectual or illiterate, rich or poor, doctor, etc... is afected by the society and, sometimes, change in their conquers and losses of the own society through their behaviours.
Everybody are co- responsable by the future of the society and in consequence, by the future of our humanity and the planet as an only one.
Our behavious afect in 3 modes the people: change their time; change their memory through the regist of their behaviours; and change the quality and the frequency of their reactions. Changing the time, the memory and people reactions, we change their time, their history.
The most insignificant moment can provoke big reactions in history.
Nobody disapears when dies. Living with dignity and dieing with dignity should be treasures coveted eagerly.
Therefore, the begining of the inevitable co- responsability demonstrate that we can never be an island in the humanity.
The humanity is a family that lives in a complex web. We are an unique specie . We should love and care her, otherwise we wont survive. We are all responsable , in big or less grade, to prevent the terrorism, social violence and the mundial hungry.
The others reactions can afect us weak or intensely. Watch a movie , talk with a friend, eulogize somebody can change a little or very much the course of our lives. "

by Augusto Cury in " The Thinkers Saga"


curryegg said...

Soul&body. I really agree that we're influence by people around us, and we do influnce people as well. Anyway, we've the choice to choose in who we want to be, and how we want to be. And ya, nobody disappear when die. The memorise of us are still treasured in people's heart. That's why, writing blogs are one of the way to keep our memories here and share ourselves with people around the globe.. Do you agree? :D

curryegg said...

Oopss.. I'm sorry. misunderstanding the word. haha.. And can I add you in my blogroll? I add u as soul&body ya? I'm really happy to know you.

StandbyMind said...

True true...

Rajeev said...

very true!:)
btw nice pic!:)

peace & love

Sandra Daniela said...

Não sei muito bem Inglês, ptto n posso comentar teus posts. mas agradeço a visita e a tradução da música que deixaste lá no meu post do Tratos e Poesias. Sandra Daniela

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