Sunday, May 13, 2007

Without Sense

Before I go to sleep, I would like to write something, but I don't know what,
I'm a bit melancholic, when I think about my life, is not bad, but I would like to make something that makes sense to me.
Its always the same routine! Im a just a simple person, I have my ups and downs, I have wonderfull parents, dreams, some friends, not many, but yes, better some than nothing and the close I have I love them.
Time is a valueble thing and what I do so special?! yes every moments are precisous, why do we have to do the same things like everybody?!
I mean, work, study... why is so important?! In the end it doesnt really matter. Or Does? Hum..
So many questions on my mind tonight! Well, I think you have too...
I just wanted to share..
Good Night to Everybody

PS: enjoy the radio, LOL!


MONA said...

awww! I used to think the same when I was your age!!!

You are so sweet!

Thanks for your visit & that lovely comment there!!

Princess Banter said...

Yes -- I share the same sentiments as you. I get melancholic too whenever I think about life... and more often than not, I find myself questioning what the point of all of it is. I think as we get older, we just learn to come to terms with it -- but it's dangerous to settle, no? :)

Rajeev said...

These questions arise in everybody's mind!!
But u'll find the answers soon! :)

peace & love

belinha said...

Ah!Eu também comecei por ter mais visitantes do estrangeiro no Papelustro e a maioria dos links dele são para blogs de fora de Portugal.Agora já tenho mais alguns portugueses.Mas sobretudo tenho muita gente do Brasil.Eu não me importo muito, venha quem vier!!!!:-)Há tempos um japonês colocou link e eu fui até ao blog dele e agradeci em inglês!Então ele deixou-me um comment em japonês, claro que não percebo nada!!!:-)

belinha said...

Por causa do teu post de hoje: eu tenho quase o dobro da tua idade e tenho questões ainda muito parecidas com as tuas.Penso que enquanto nos interrogarmos é bom sinal pois é sinal de que queremos algo que ainda não encontamos, mas que havemos de encontrar.Para uns vem mais cedo, para outros mais so importante é não desistir de procurar aquilo que dá sentido às coisas!

confessing7girl said...

i totally understand what u r feeling!!!!! sometimes i feel like that too!! other times i just feel like my life makes sense!! u will get there too!!

belinha said...

Sim,faço ilustração, banda desenhada, o que aparecer!:-)De preferência para as crianças.

belinha said...

Obrigada!:-) Fico sempre contente por saber isso!

Andrew The Asshole said...

I think everyone has those thoughts but many people push it to the back of their mind and just float through life.

Life will give you whatever you demand from it.

If you want what the masses have just get in line and follow

Anonymous said...

I still think the same sometimes...
I also have a hardtime dealing with routine...sometimes nothing makes sense but next day its so sunny that all makes sense again and i make plans and dreams...
Its all in our mind!
Lots of love from ISA

Jeya Anand said...

looks like the reflection from my post...:)

Sharad Mathur said...

ur not in love right ??

lols.. :)

Shruti said...

hmm, this some question is always there in everyone mind..
Everyone try to change something but cant take the initiative and thus we all always keep searching for the answers..
Take care...

david santos said...

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Giuliano88 said...

compliments for your blog, interesting and pleasant.
thanks for your visit, ciao :-)

_+*A Elite in Paris*+_ said...

Hello there, thanks for your visit in "letters to philo-sophy". I added the image in blogger's actual template. Since you have an edited template, I don't know how to do with the difference.

Beijos :)

A Elite