Thursday, July 26, 2007


Momentos de solidão.
deliciosos mas por vezes amargurados
é a paixão que me deixa assim,
Apaixono-me pelas flores, pelo mar e pela música...


São sempre os momentos de serenidade
que me deixa a alma com fome de prazer.
A melancolia quando ouço a música a tocar...
É aquela maldita música que tanto me toca.


Eu sou louca,
louca por ti e por mim,
Não, não me deixes mais ficar assim,
porque eu hoje serei a louca , mas tu serás tu..

por: mim


Solitude moments,
Delicious but sometimes rowful,
It's the passion that let me so.
I am in love by the flowers, by the sea and by the music...

There are always the serenity moments,
that let my soul with hunger of pleasure.
The melancholy when I listen the music playing.
That music that always touch.

I am mad,
mad by you and me,
No, don't let me so,
because today im the mad but you always will be you..

by: me


Jac said...

This is beautiful!

KAYLEE said...

beutiful but are you really mad?

drips of paint said...

recital through the pulsation of a heartbeat,
fueled by the passion eating within,
solitude and sadness show right through,
a peot is the prettiest melancholy song in this moment de solidao.

:)soul...hope you enjoy your peom as much as I do

peace be with u my friend!

Shruti said...

Simply awasome...

soul&body said...

thank you everybody!!!
drips of paint: you resumed everything that i couldnt! that's really sweet ;) you're really a poet!

Vikas said...

this is heartfelt buddy!!!

loved it :))

Take Care

confessing7girl said...

ahh muito bonito xim senhora e excrito por ti!! mto bem!! :D

Princess Banter said...

How beautiful that is -- and it's even more wonderful that you can write poetry in both languages!

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

beautiful reading i become mad for a while...nice to hear from you

Drama Div@ said...

Wonderfully written! A masterpiece of words indeed.

Dream catcher said...

bonito como você ....

curryegg said...

Have i made you mad? Lolx..

Luiza Lisboa said...

Lindo!!! Adorei o final!!! buááááá... rsrsrs...
Bjos bjos!

Anonymous said...

Hi My friend!!
Long time no see you! Oh this poems is just so beautiful! All your blog had this new look...Ah!
Well I gess its Summer we get more lazy to blog but sometimes I do it hehe!
Big hugs to you from ISA

annie said...

The way you ended it was lovely!