Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I won't cry again ,
I won't dream again,
I won't listen those songs again,
I won't play again,
I won't smile again,
I won't say hi again,
I won't write again,
I won't ask again,
And I won't do nothing again...

ps: sorry that I have been away but I hope back soon.


KAYLEE said...

jeez that was sad:( i hope you are backk soon!

Drama Div@ said...

never say Never! Time has a way of changing viewpoints and ideas!

drips of paint said...

patiently waiting, tenderly hoping and secretly wanting for your return...

just want you to know your way are very much appreciated!

Jeya Anand said...

hey wats wrong????
cheer up!!:)

Ele ^_^ said...

What's the matter?
So I've granted you the rokin' girl blogger, you can see on my blog! See ya ^^

Shruti said...

Hi Dear,
Hope to see you back soon..
Take care

confessing7girl said...

hey girl how r u doing?? u feeling down?? ahhh u r probably on vacation!!! :) and come back soon!!

CM-Chap said...

I won't cry again... Thats my favorite. BTW wonderful template

krystyna said...

As Drama said- Never say NEVER.
You created beautidul place with beautiful words. You are beautiful, young, talented girl. Don't be sad. I'm sad too if you are sad.
I wish you the best!