Monday, November 24, 2008

How can i reach the moon?

How can I get there........... to the moon?
Should I jump in the stars ?
Should I fly?

Maybe I should be tremendous crazy
Maybe people see me like a maniac

I prefer don't think about that...

How do you see the moon?
Do you see the shape like me?
same shadow?

The moon looks like a melancholic feeling
but at same time so beautifull in all shapes

can you tell me how can I get there...??

the feeling never disappears
and it's hiden somewhere else
maybe in the cosmos of the universe


Life said...

I will take you to the moon.....hold my hands and i wil take you there..........

Nice poem dear....It's like fairy tale.

Take Care

Scott said...

You could use a trampoline!
A really big trampoline.

dintoons said...

dear soul and body,
with so much of love and longing
within your heart,
i'd say,
you're already in the moon!!

so now, YOU tell me,
how are you enjoying yourself
in the moon?

dintoons said...

you're simply TOO SWEEEET,
both soul and body!!

and your heart is definitely "PACKED"
with love, love and love alone!

and i'm so happy you like the little prince.
he's my favorite too :o)

for being
the way you are.