Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dedicated to Margherita and Nicola

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Im going to start with Margherita, what to say about this girlieeee, she is a person that has a little child inside, she is so sweetieeee I see her smile in my mind, she is unique, im so happy to met you girlieeee, I lpove you from my heart!!! (click on the links) You can't imagine when she drinks poncha, she is wild and say silly things =P She has got a strange passion for MIKI, if she met in personal, I think she would kiss him in lips!!! EHEHEHEEH, I imagine her face right now reading this she will say " nancinha, im going to kill you, why you told them my secret!!! :D :D :D "
Caritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =P =P =P

Now is your turn Nicolinho, ahhhhh what to say about you!! =P don't worry im not going to say bad things about you !!! Nicolinho is Nicolinho eheheheh, a very very funny guy, always has something to say even when you dont know what to say , lol ! very sweetieeeee and poetic!!! ahhh girls yes yes he is very romantic =P you should know him eheheheheheh ahhhhh poor of you !!!! :D :D :D don't kill me too, otherwise you will miss me ehehehhe :D :D: D !!! I will never forget you ;-)
Well, we know each other since... 7 years! waw! =) this guy loves to play guitar and you guys, should listen him singing and play as well =D
I think I never did this to you but now your time has arrived! eheheeeheh
I tvb too, you listened me many many many times and I thank you so much, in spite of that you talk few about your things, you know you can count on me ALWAYS!!! never forget!

A strong hug to you bothhhhhhhhhhhh

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Marghy said...

Amore mio!!! The most crazy girlie of ever!!!!!! What did you say about miki people will be jelous of him!!!!! And poncha!!! You cant say im a poncha drinker or all people will come here to drink my poncha!!!!
People thats the most crazy girlie, be careful ;o) Ti voglio bene anch io, mi sweetie portuguesita!!!!
Baci!! tantissimi baci!!!+