Thursday, January 31, 2008

let me be your

Let me be your shield
So I can watch over you as you sleep
Let me be your shadow
So I can be with you all the time
Let me be your mouth so when you smile
So I can smile
Let me be your dreams
So I can be with you as you sleep
Let me be all these things and more
So I can all ways be with you
Like you are with me
Always in my heart and soul
For I carry you in me

By: Colin Moorcock


Marghy said...

Beatiful (invisible) poem!!

Let me be your blood,
so i can arrive to your heart
and make feel you alive

Let me be your breath,
and i will not miss
each word you will say

Let me be your cappuccino at morning
i will not loose
first moves of your lips

Ciao amore have a good day!!!
Tvbene tantissimo!!

Ah i re built my old blog,
i miss a bit write in italian ;o)


soul&body said...

No words to describe that poem!!!so sexy amouraaaaa, waw!!!! I lpoved so much!!! ui ui ui :D

BC said...

O seu blog está bastante interessante, gostei, continue assim apaixonada...
Passe por sletras
Um abraço