Monday, January 08, 2007

Ana and Mia

After browsing some blogs of friends, I discovered a new mondial sect called " Ana and Mia"It considers the anorexy and the bulimia as “life style”.
The girls develop an esquizophrenic relation with the two illnesses, calling them, as they were themselves invisible friends , Ana (anorexy) and Mia (bulimia).
They also identify between them with a bracelet and color wich identify the scale that they are.
This make me worry about them , because they really need help!!!
Parents must identify and know about this kind of behaviour, many people are diying in the world because they need food and others they refuse it! Its crazy.
You can search on internet more about ana and mia, you will find so many blogs about this.
Here is some information

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sweeti said...

Ur right its crazy...but a lot of young girls nowadays get a so called ideal image of the modern women.on tv...on the catwalk..and they wanna be like them (MY God models look really thin these days..i dont like it....
and U ma friend don be on ur body.....
a warm hug ...