Wednesday, January 17, 2007


When we are child, we have some friends, we are always togheter, we laugh, play, etc...
Later, we grow up, we have boyfriends / girlfriends and then we notice that friends grow too and have bf/gf as well.
But, at same time, we feel them a bit far, because friends are substitued by their lovers and there is no time for each other, or that friends whom hasnt got bf/gf feel apart.
So going on, they get marriage, we meet again after long time and theytalk about our childhood etc..
Suddenlly, they have got kids, as we know, they take most of the time of us, school, nurse, etc.. and meet again only in their birthdays...

As time flyes their child grow up too, we die and in our memories reminds those times of child, the most sincere friendship.

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Golfinho said...

"Sweet" Soul, i`d like to have your age again, and have so many doughts =)
Being a grow up full of responsabilities is so dull. It doesn`t leave us time to think.
Thanks, you make me think again