Monday, January 15, 2007


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Its sunday night and I review the things that happened today and one thing that made think while watching a film was is that there is no "one day" . If you trully wish a thing, you must work for it.
"- someday...someday...I will do that!!! " When is someday?! More you say that, more you won't do it, isn't? Don't be weak for the things you want, if you want, you do it!


Inanotherlife said...

Dear Soul, tanks for your visit , you are always very kind with me.
In my blog there is a small game for you and your blog:
Your five confession.
Dear friends you write always soft sensation with beautiful image...

have a good night and sweet dreams...

sweeti said...

The impossible is possible
thats the spirit..
some things need time Like healing the world .
A warm hug from wetty Belgium