Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't know what to think
if my tought is already tought
if everything you have to go on,
Is already done....but in oposite side!!
There, you have to start again,
and for the most extraordinary thing,
is that u see is nothing of new,
is the same! you didn't change!
you continue to be the same person, the same of before!
and at same time what you are not.
But, without are!
You think, and in spite of... you are,
you try to test yourself,
and then more you wish to going on, you cant reach that!
But, is it really that? Am I ?
How can I think im not like that?
After that, this became an enigme, you are the own victim ,
you don't know your personality,
who are you?

by- Gisela


Golfinho said...

Se essa és mesmo tu :) está em sintonia com a escrita: belíssima.


soul&body said...

não é minha, mas de uma amiga minha, de qualquer forma identifico-me!!! :)

Inanotherlife said...

when will we know ourselves...? Never.
And I don't know if maybe it's better so.!!!

Have a good night dear Soul...

sweeti said...

This is really beautiful ...
haha yeah i see a lot of police movies .I felt like a cuprit caught by the hands of law
Enjoy ur weekend and a warm hug
Its below zero here Sooooooooo cold I need warmth

Anonymous said...

Um corte de cabelo ficava-lhe bem...

soul&body said...

lol anonimo, essa foi mesmo a matar!!! =)