Friday, January 26, 2007

Autopsychography - Fernando Pessoa

The poet is a pretender.
He pretends so completely
That he even pretends
The pain he really feels.

And those who read his writings,
Sense well in the pain they read,
Not his two but only
The one they lack.

And so on its tracks it goes,
Rotating to direct reason,
This wind-up train
We call the heart.


Golfinho said...

o "tal".
não há dia que passe sem ler o "Desassossego".

Golfinho said...

Bem, uma pessoa que lê o Livro do Desassossego todos os dias só pode ser um ganda chato!
Bom fds!

soul&body said...

és um grande chato nesse caso xD

Golfinho said...

Afinal sempre sou mais chato que tu, toma toma :P
nha nha nha nha nha

Anonymous said...

É tão verdade que ate arrepia!

Anonymous said...

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