Friday, January 19, 2007


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During our lives, it happens so many things, when we stop to think, we can't remember all, but, only the most touched things.

Maybe,some of them are the craziest thing we did with our friends, our first kiss with our first bf/gf and finally, about our mistakes, that later we see that we were wrong.

I remember when I was child, riding bike with my aunt, she was driving and me sit on the square of the bike, we were walking without brakes ^_^ so can you imagine the speed (descending), lol!!!

Fortunly, the end wasnt tragic, because she changed the rota in the final and we falled in a thing similar with a cacti ^_^

Well everybody has their ouwn stories, some of them funny and others no... they are our memories saved in our heart


Golfinho said...

feelings... nothing more than feelings...
New york, new york...

Hathor said...

Hi my dear! so much time i don't pass from this space! sorry me, and everytime i came, is always beatiful discovering u r growing up like me... u know, this is a full period of my life, i m having much time to reflect about myself, what i really want from life, and still thanking God for every gift i can have... u too!!! ti voglio bene e spero di vederti presto. ciau!!!